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We have developed our nightlights so that they can be put on a dresser or a shelf instead of being plugged in. No more looking for power outlets, which are too often within reach of children.


The LED light is usb rechargeable. It has a soft glow and will work even during a power failure.


Simply touch the center of the light to turn it on or off. Hold your finger in the center to adjust the intensity.


Personalize it by writing the name of the child or a sweet message with the help of a marker (included). A little warm water will erase it and you can start over again. 


  • Size (approximate) : 3.25" x 3.5" x 5" (inches)


    LED light, dimmable and rechargeable. 


    Depending on intensity of light, the LED light will last several nights.


    Rechargeable via USB cable (included).



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